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Daisy Brown(non-registered)
Your work is inspiring!
Janice Anderson
The photos you took of our sire, Minstead Del, are incredible. You captured his very essence.
Nick Sampson(non-registered)
Amazing work Carr. I love artistic photography. I used to dabble in a bit myself. The color and framing and use of focus brings a lot of emotion. Thanks for sharing.
Papa John(non-registered)
I've eplored and enjoyed all of your work, and as always, enjoy your work. I especially look forward some of your landscapes. People photos are great additions to family history, but the landscapes are more of the world I live in and enjoy. The outdoors is the pagent that is forever in my mind..both the places where I've been, or where I hope to be. Your eye captures so much more than the lens gathers...and I love seeing that. Keep it going
Luis Rosa(non-registered)
that was to be your photos are amazing lol. Try typing with a two year old on your lap hitting every button on the keyboard. Crazy kids.
Luis Rosa(non-registered)
Carr you photos are amazing!
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